I will always be grateful to not only be doing what I love most day in day out, but to have the opportunity to travel to some amazing venues in and around Lancashire, Yorkshire, Merseyside and beyond- both in the UK and abroad.

As someone who writes multiple lists everyday I am big believer in writing bucket lists and I adore to write them down in one of my numerous new pads and tick them off. I've been wanting to write a photography bucket list for a while now of all the amazing weddings I'm dreaming of shooting.....so here it is.

Being able to travel all over the world is my dream and there are a few locations/ venues I would LOVE to shoot at. If you're getting married at any of the venues/ locations or having a wedding listed below and think I'm a good fit be sure to get in touch to see what I can offer you ! 

  • A wedding at Victoria Baths- Manchester 
  • A wedding at Holmes Mill- Clitheroe
  • A wedding at The Asylumn- London
  • A wedding at Camp and Furnace- Liverpool
  • A wedding in an old theatre/ cinema
  • A wedding in an art gallery
  • A wedding in Iceland
  • A wedding in France
  • A wedding in a forest/ tree house- all of the fairy lights and wild flowers
  • A 1920's themed wedding- think flapper dresses and gatsby galore!
  • An elopement - just me and the both of you somewhere incredible
  • A wedding in the Scottish highlands
  • A wedding I can shoot completely in black and white- thats right NO colour photos
  • A circus themed wedding- I'm talking big top, performers, possible fairground rides the crazier the better! 
  • A wedding in an orangery/ greenhouse