Hello, I’m Olivia (that's me above absolutely loving life at The Grand Canyon) I'm sure you've guessed by now I am a wedding photographer based in lovely Lancashire covering weddings all across the North west and UK.

When I’m not photographing weddings or tucked away editing you’ll find me out exploring or snuggled on the sofa with my boyfriend Ryan and cats Tallulah (a miniature cat with anxiety and an inability to meow) and Wilson (a cat who will only drink water from the bath) I'm a soppy old romantic and love hearing tales of how couples met (both funny and soppy) and especially love all the mushy films and books that cater to that (I’ll hold my hands up that I am a huge fan of the Notebook). My hair colour changes very regularly and I can no longer count how many times it has flipped between pink, orange, blonde and blue.


My cats (and all other animals)

Ryan (he’s the ying to my yang, calms me down when I'm getting over excited/ a little crazy and begrudgingly models for my test shots from time to time)

My family- I'm the youngest of 3 and proud auntie to 2 nephews

Chocolate….or any form of dessert - I have the worlds biggest sweet tooth!

1950’s and pretty much anything vintage, charity shops are my weakness

Handmade crafts and all things in polka dot/ ditsy floral

Travelling- I love nothing more than to visit new places and explore; I will never not have time to discuss travel plans or swap tips!




Hot drinks (Unapologetically not a fan of tea or coffee)


Many many boxes of old photographs experimenting at home and on holiday as a child quickly progressed into a passion. Fast forward 10 years and I moved to Newport to study Documentary Photography at university. After university I travelled to beautiful India to teach photography with charity Basti Ram; one of the most amazing experiences in my life and I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity. Staying true to my degree, I love to shoot weddings in a documentary style capturing all the little details that make your day unique and candid moments that create the smiles, tears and laughter as the day unfolds. I like to keep things nice and relaxed without the hours stood smiling awkwardly posing for pictures; with a few fun formal pictures in between filled with lots of laughter.

Now you know a little bit more about me I'd love to hear about you and your plans, drop me a message to say hello!